Angeles City observes PWD Week

July 24, 2017 - 11:48 am

ANGELES CITY - Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan led the observance of the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation (NDPR) week on Monday, at the City Hall.


The launch was spearheaded by the Angeles City Office for Persons with Disability Affairs (ACOPDA) in partnership with the Gender and Development (GAD) office with the theme,  “Karapatan at Pribilehiyo ng Maykapansanan: Isakatuparan at Ipaglaban”.


According to ACOPDA Head Philip Pelayo, the celebration focuses on the realization of the fundamental freedoms and rights of persons with disabilities (PWDs) as provided for in existing international mandates and national laws.


Pelayo further added that the weeklong event is observed annually to rouse awareness to the public, and address issues and problems concerning the PWD sector.


“Our PWD brothers and sisters have proved that being handicapped is not a hindrance in doing things that would help them in achieving their dreams and I will make sure that they will receive equal opportunities as the regular Angeleños do,” Pamintuan said.


To cite an example, the city government has employed more than 40 PWDs who man administrative works in ACOPDA and in different offices of the local government.


For his part, Pamintuan pledged his full support in sustaining the city’s programs and activities through ACOPDA, and vows to better develop projects that would help the PWDs.


Pamintuan also expressed his gratitude to different non-government agencies that help in improving the welfare of PWDs in the city through employment opportunities, scholarship grants, discounts and other privileges.


Meanwhile, special presentations from the city’s PWD sector were rendered to cap the city’s program which coincided the Monday flag raising rites.


Proclamation Order No. 1870 (1979) declares the 3rd week of July as the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week.


This year marks the 39th celebration of the NDPR week.




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