Office Of The City Assessor

Engr. Lea C. Dizon

Mobile Number
Office Number
(045) 892-7867
E-mail Address
Office Address

Ground Floor, City Hall Building, Pulung Maragul, Angeles City

Office and Responsibility (Functions)
The Office of the City Assessor is the department in the local government unit who aids in facilitating the Real Property Tax Administration (RPTA). To facilitate effective administration, the RPTA has designed Real Property Tax System which is an integrated technical and administrative process based upon the value of real properties. This system is composed of four major components or element of operations:
- Tax Mapping
- Tax Assessment
- Tax Records Management
- Tax Collection
Available Services
1. Issuance of Certified True Copy (CTC) of Tax Declaration
                    - Photocopy of Land Title
                    - Certification Fee (P50.00 per Tax Declaration)
2. Issuance of Real Property Tax Order of Payment (RPTOP)
                    - Previous Real Property Tax Receipts
                    - Name of Owner and Location of Property (In case the previous real property tax receipts or tax declaration is not available)
3. Issuance of any Assessment Certification on Real Property
                    - Tax Declaration / Name of Property Owner
                    - Request Slip from any Government Agency or persons having legal interest on the property
                    - Death Certificate (for Certificate of No Property Holdings (CNPH) for BIR purposes)
                    - Certification Fee (P50.00 per certification)
4. New Assessment of Land/Building
                    - Building Permit
                    - Building / Foor Plan
                    - Occupancy Permit
                    - Inspection Fee (P200.00)
5. Transfer of Ownership, Possession of Land or Building
                    - Photocopy of new Land Title
                    - Deed of Absolute Sale or Donation
                    - Tax Clearance
                    - Transfer Tax
                    - Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR) (Blue Copy or Certified True Photocopy from BIR)
                    - Presentor's ID
                    - Transfer Fee (P50.00 per tax declaration)
6. Reclassification/Increase/Decrease/Segregation of Land
          Requirements for Reclassification of Lots:
                    - Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) Clearance
                    - Comprehensive Land Use Program (CLUP) Certificate from City Planning and Development Office (CPDO)
          Requirements for Consolidation / Subdivision of Lots:
                    - Approved Plan from Bureau of Land or Land Registration Authority (LRA)
                    - Photocopy of Land Titles of all the subdivided lots
                    - Consolidation Fee (P50.00)
                    - Subdivision Fee (P50.00 per lot)
7. Assessment of Machineries
                    - Copy of the Official Receipt
                    - Installation and Insurance Costs
                    - Model / Description of Machine
                    - Date of Operation
                    - Inspection Fee (P200.00)
8. Tax Mapping
                    - Photocopy of Land Title or Tax Declaration
                    - Tax Mapping Fee [P50.00 per Real Property Unit (RPU)]
9. Verification of Property
                    - Verification Fee [P10.00 per Real Property Unit (RPU)]
Contact Persons
Engr. Lea C. Dizon -  City Assessor - 0917-510-1151


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