Business Permit And Licensing Division

Ms. Evangeline A. Malonzo

Mobile Number
Office Number
(045) 283-4125
E-mail Address
Office Address

Ground Floor, New City Hall Building, Pulung Maragul, Angeles City

Office and Responsibility (Functions)

The Business Permit and Licensing Division  (BPLD) is responsible in monitoring and regulating the operations of business establishments in the city.  As one of the Mayor's arm in protecting and safeguarding the interests of the constituents, the office ensures that all establishments comply with the provisions of applicable law and ordinances. The business permit issued by this division certifies that the concerned establishment abides by these laws and agrees to conform to the appropriate regulations.

Available Services
a. Issuance of Business Permit
Basic Requirements:

For New:

  • Proof of Business Registration, Incorporation, or Legal Personality (DTI/SEC/CDA)
  • Basis for Computing Taxes, Fees, and Charges (Business Capitalization)
  • Occupancy Permit for Newly Constructed Buildings / Renovation
  • Barangay Clearance (if not required Occupancy Permit)
  • Notarized Contract of Lease (if lessee)
For Renewal:
  • Basis for Computing Taxes, Fees, and Charges (Financial Statements/ Income Tax Return for Businesses with Gross Receipts above P500,000.00)
  • Barangay Clearance
b. Issuance of Mayor's Clearance
  • NBI (National Bureau Of Investigation)
  • Police Clearance
c. Issuance of Permit for Variety Shows such as for Concerts
  • Statement of Objective
  • Neighborhood or Administrator's Consent (if activity will be held at a public place)
  • Nature and Schedule of Activity
d. Issuance of Miscellaneous Permits
1. Transport of Property for Appliances/ Animals to be Transported
  • Request Letter
  • Barangay Clearance

2. Motorcade

  • Request Letter
  • Advise Route/ Itinerary and Time

3. Display of Billboards / Signboards / Advertisements / Banners / Streamers

  • Request Letter
  • Specification of Content, Size, Material
  • Statement of Objective and Intended Places to Display

4. Religious / Cultural / Civic / Government Activities

  • Request Letter
  • Contract of Lease (if the place is rented)

5. Victory Party

  • Request Letter
  • Statement of Objective
  • Schedule of  Activity

6. Carnivals / Circus

  • Request Letter stating the details of the circus / carnival such as number of contrivances, duration of activity
  • Barangay Resolution from the barangay where the carnival / circus will be held.
  • Contract of Lease (if the place is rented)

7. Cockfight

  • Request Letter
  • Barangay Resolution from the barangay where the event will be held.

8. Boxing Matches

  • Request Letter
  • Clearance from Game and Amusement Board
  • Neighborhood Consent from the barangay where the event will be held.
Contact Persons
Ms. Evangeline A. Malonzo, Licensing Officer III
Mr. Emilio Enrico C. Romero, Licensing Officer II
Ms. Catalina Kathleen B. Gozun, Licensing Officer I


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