City Veterinary Office

Dr. Mario B. Samson Jr.

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Office Number
(045) 458-21-96
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Office Address

3rd floor, City Hall Building, Pulung Maragul, Angeles City

Office and Responsibility (Functions)
- Incharge of Vaccination Services:
- Incharge in formulating plans and programs of the city regarding food production of small and large animals that will help improve the quality and increase the number of livestock. 
- Performs castration of large and small animals 
- Orient farmers regarding immunization, and sanitation to prevent animal diseases. 
- Incharge of catching stray dogs and other animals 
- Keep records of impounded animals and properly maintain the cages nd its surroundings. 
- Incharge of releasing impounded animals after payment of fees and penalties at the City Treasurer's Office.
Available Services
- Vaccination 
o Hemosep (Carabao, Cattle, Goat)
o Foot and Mouth Disease (Carabao, Cattle, Goat, Swine)
o Porcine Respiratory Reproductive Syndrome (Swine)
o Hog Cholera (Swine)
o Anti - Rabies (Dogs and Cats)
o Liver Fluke Control, Fecal Examinations, and Deworming of Positive Cases
-  Deworming plus vitamin supplements 
- Consultation and treatment
o All domesticated animals
o Anti-tetanus
o Tetanus Toxoid ( per animal specially large animals )
- Blood Collection-for Avian influenza (Bird Flu) Sample collection per farm
- Monitoring on Avian in Fluenza on Aviary, Cockpit Arena and Backyard duck farm.
- Monitoring on New Castle Disease (NCD) for Avian Species
- Animal Census per species
 *Dog and Cat
 *Swine, Cattle, Carabao
 *Sheep and Goat
 *Gamefowl, Pigeon
 *Native chicken and domestic ducks.
- Head examination for animal rabies- case to be submitted to the Regional Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory Region III
- Dog Pounding
o Stray Dogs and Cats
o Adaptation (for stray dogs and cats )
- Information and Dissimination for Rabies Virus( Rabies Awareness)
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