City Health Office

Dr. Lenario T. Santos

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09204238993 / 09335860353
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Office and Responsibility (Functions)





1 .Conducts pre marriage counselling to couples applying for marriage permit.

2. Conducts seminars to hospitality girls of this City.

3. Conducts Adolescent Health and Youth Development Program to schools and barangays as schedule.

4. Conducts Responsible Parenting Movement

5. Provides free pap smear

6. Initiates the establishment of Teen Information Center and oversees the following activities within:

     a. Conducts free counselling  among teens

     b. Conducts/Offers  free tutorial  to the following:




Guitar Lesson



1. Micronutrient Supplementation Program

      a.provides vitamin a capsule, ferrous tablet and syrup, zinc, to all rural health center of this city for the consumption of target groups or persons in need.

2. Integrated Helminthiasis Control Program

      a. Provides deworming tablet to all rural health center of this city for the consumption of target groups or persons in need.

      b. Conducts lecture on IHP as per request.

      c. Nutrition Education

                - Conducts lecture, or talk on breastfeeding, complementary feeding, IYCF among others.

      d. Food Fortification  

                - Distributes micronutrient powder to all rural health center of this city for the consumption of target groups and/or persons in need.



1. Inspection of water supply sources, household with toilets, food & industrial establishment, public and private market, garbage disposal pits of different evacuation centers, and public places.

2. Disinfection of doubtful water supply sources, water container to different evacuation centers.

3. Rehabilitation or improvement of toilets to different evacuation centers.

4. Issues of Health Certificate upon completion of requirements.

5. Issues of Sanitary Permit upon completion of requirements.

6. Conducts fumigation to areas when the need arises.

7. Conducts lecture on Prevention of Dengue and other mosquito borne diseases.

8.  Conducts Ocular Inspection/Investigation to establishments, properties or areas with formal complaint.

9. Conducts Water Testing Analysis and issues certificate of potability to water refilling station that meets the requirements.

10. Conducts food safety seminar to all food establishment.

11. Conducts food safety seminar to all food establishments of this city.

12. Oversees implementation of PD 856 or The Sanitation Code of the Philippines.



Diabetes Program

    * Conducts lecture on Diabetes

Kidney Program

    * Lectures on Kidney Disease

Leprosy Program

    * Provides of Free screening and medicine treatment to all lepers.

Heart Disease

    * Provides Free Blood Pressure check-up

    * Dispenses Free medicines or maintenance medicines to all patients with cardiovascular diseases(prescription needed)

Dental Program

     a. Distributes free toothbrushes and toothpastes to all  barangay day care students (depends on the availability of funds)

     b. Conducts free dental examinations to all interested individuals.

     c.  Conducts free tooth extraction to 7 yr.old and up interested individuals.

     d. Conducts Oral and Hand washing lectures to all barangay day care center of this city.

Tuberculosis Control Program

     a. Conducts Free Tuberculosis screening

     b. Provides free treatment medicine to all TB patients.

     c. Conducts lecture on Tuberculosis

     d. Conducts free counselling to patients with TB and/or with their family.

Maternal and Child Health Care Program


     a. Provides of  Free pre-natal check-ups/visits

     b. Provides of  free tetanus toxoid vaccine to all pregnant women

     c. Provides of Iron with folic acid supplementation to pregnant, post partum women and 10-49yrs.old  women.

     d. Conducts post partum check-up/visit.

     e.  Dispenses vitamin a to women post partum

     f. Initiates of breastfeeding within 1hour after giving birth.

     g. Provides of different antigen vaccines to all target group

g.1 BCG

g.2 HEPA B1


g.4 OPV

g.5 MCV

g.6 ROTA

g.7 PCV

    h. Refers infants for newborn screening

     i. Dispenses Vitamin A Supplementation to all target groups

     j. Dispenses Deworming tablet to all target groups.

    k. Dispenses Iron supplementation to all target groups.  



    a. Provides smear to all entertainers

    b. Provides STI screening and treatment medicine to all patients with STI.

    c. Provides ARV drugs to all HIV+ patients.

    d. Conducts health education Lecture regarding STI and AIDS


Available Services

1. Health Statistics

   - The CHO is responsible for providing healthcare services to the Angeles citizenry, particularly the poor and vulnerable groups in the community so that they can contribute actively, productively and participate meaningfully in community life and practice healthy lifestyles.

2. Implementation of the Population Development Program
3.  Nutrition
   -  Micronutrient supplementation Program
      * provision of Vitamin A supplementation,Iron Supplementation
   - Integrated Helminthes Control Program
      * provision of deworming tablets
   - Food Fortification Program
   - Nutrition Education
4. Field Health/Medical Serivices implementation of FHSIS to all Barangay Health Centers
   - Diabetis
   - Kidney
   - Hearth Disease Program
   - Leprosy Program
   - Dental Program
   - TB Control Program
   - Immunization Program
   - Rabies Control Program
   - Barangay Health Worker Program (BHW)
5. Reproductive Health & Wellness Center
   - Reproductive Health Program
   - STI/HIV Prevention Program
6. Environmental Health Services
   - Regulatory Function Lecensing Unit
   - Environmental Program Barangay Level
   - Dengue Prevention & Control Program
Contact Persons

Portia C. Teves -           Admin. Division

Angelina R. Canlas -    Sanitation Division

Abegail I. Quiambao -  Population Division

Kandice Kim Alvaro -    Medical Division


Contact Number :    (045) 322-4483



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