Angeles City Tourism Office

Christine Nunag

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(045) 625-22-86
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2F Angeles City Hall, Pulung Maragul, Angeles City 2009, Philippines

Office and Responsibility (Functions)
The Mayor\'s Office of the City of Angeles envisions a vibrant and sustainable tourism industry that will create jobs and generate income for its constituents.
The tourism promotion and development program is a combination of events and projects which aim to develop and promote tourism in order to attract visitors and produce significant economic benefits for the city. Key areas involve planning and development of the tourism products, services and facilities, research and statistics, marketing and promotion, and regulation of industry standards.
Available Services
1. Conceptualizes and recommends tour packages for travel agencies and tour operators
2. Links tourism demands to tourism suppliers 
3. Assesses tourism activities and provides promotional opportunities to those with high tourism value 
4. Formulates tourism plans and runs training courses for tourism-related workers to encourage networking and economic growth in the tourism industry.
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