Information And Communication Technology Division

Ms. Geraldine Gopez

Mobile Number
Office Number
Local 218/217
E-mail Address
Office Address
Ground Floor ICTD Office, New City Hall Building, Pulung Maragul, Angeles City
Office and Responsibility (Functions)
  • Maintain & develop System software for government offices to enhance further their capacity in delivering quality, appropriate, and timely services to other units of the local government and the general public.
  • Assist barangay councils, through the development of an appropriate software system in delivering basic goods and services; to improve their peace and order, environmental management, and in monitoring potential families at risk during the occurrence of hazards and disasters.
  • Conduct regular maintenance of computers and other IT-related equipment.
  • Maintain network system of the city government.
  • Maintain & secure databases of existing programs used ny the city government.
Available Services

1. Provides trainings and workshops

2. Technical assistance to barangay councils

Contact Persons

Mr. Eduard C. Semsem



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