City Budget Office

Atty. Reymon E. Fabros

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Office Address

2F, Office of the City Budget, City Hall Building, Pulung Maragul, Angeles City

Office and Responsibility (Functions)
  • Advise the City Mayor on the Orders and Circulars to be issued on all budgetary and appropriation matters;
  • Consult and coordinate with the Office of the Treasurer on the production of the estimated income of the city ensuing calendar year;
  • Review and consolidate the budget proposals of the different offices of the city government and of the barangays under the jurisdiction of the city;
  • Assist the City Mayor in the preparation of the annual/executive and supplemental budget;
  • Evaluate allotment requests and submit recommendations to the City Mayor;
  • Study and evaluate budgetary implications of legislation and submit recommendation thereon;
  • Submit quarterly budgetary reports to the Office of the Budget and Management;
  • Control expenditure of all departments/offices making programs and project of the city;
  • Index Salary and Deduction of employees; and
  • Transmit Obligation Request (OBRs), Purchase Request (PR), Petty Cash, Voucher, and the like to the Accounting Office.
  • Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by the law ordinance;
Available Services
  1. Prepare Certification of Appropriation
  2. Prepare Status of Appropriation, Allotment and Obligation
  3. Prepare Statement of Receipt and Expenditure Report
Contact Persons

Ma. Luisa D. Garcia, Administrative Assistant II - 0942-094-5379


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