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Mr. Francis G. Pangilinan

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2nd Floor, Angeles City Hall, Pulung Maragul, Angeles City


Office and Responsibility (Functions)

CENRO's main function is to formulate measures for the consideration of the Sangguniang Panlunsod and provide technical assistance and support to the Mayor in carrying out measures to ensure the delivery of basic services and provision of adequate facilities relative to environment and natural resources. It is tasked to develop plans and strategies on environmental and natural resources programs and projects and implement the same upon approval of the Mayor.


Available Services
  • Waterways clean-up - Sapang Balen
  • Information and education campaign on waste  management
  • Mapping  operations on garbage clean-up as per monitored and express (Special Operation Group schedules: every Mondays and Tuesdays "monitoring all barangay outskirt", every Wednesdays "clean-up @ PNR park zone B, barangay Claro M. Recto", every Thursdays "sapang balen clean-up @ Sto. Entierro bridge, barangay Sto. Rosario, every Fridays "operation baklas tarpaulin").
  • Monitoring and inspection of junkshops and other  waste generating related establishments
  • Issuance of certificate of compliance to business establishments, clinics and junkshops 
  • Nurturing of seedlings and saplings in a nursery  for tree planting activities
  • Enforcement of Anti-littering ordinance
  • Enforcement of Environmental Laws

    City Ordinance No. 302, series of 2011 ( ENVIRONMENTAL CODE OF AC)

  • Section 3A.6.1 (d)- Public thoroughfares and grounds in front or in the vicinity or residences houses shall be kept clean and tidy by the owner/lessee of the house or building at all times.
  • Section 3A.6.2 (c)- The lobby and fronting sidewalks /immediate grounds of the commercial establishment shall be maintained and clean and presentable by the owner/operator/lessee of the establishment.
  • Section 3A.6.3 (c)- The head of any institution/industrial firm/establishment shall ensure then cleanliness and orderliness of its facilities, yards and its fronting sidewalk and street.
  • Section 6A.1 (c)- Emission of dust, dirt or fly from any source of activity which pollute the air and render it unclean, destructive, unhealthful or hazardous or cause visibility to be impaired.
  • Section 6.A.1 (d)- Emission of foul odors and gases deleterious to public health, safety and general welfare.
  • Section 6A.6- No river bed or sandbars shall be subject to cultivation or utilization.
  • Section 7B.1- Unlawful posting of billboards on trees along national and city roads and barangay streets.
  • Penalty:  Establishment- P3,000                                                                        Individual- P500

    City Ordinance No. 321, series of 2012 ( ANTI-SMOKING ORDINANCE)

  • Section 1- Smoking inside public or government offices, public transportation, theaters, malls and public hospitals.
  • Penalty:P 1,000

    City Ordinance No. 314, series of 2012 ( SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT)

  • Section 15 (a)- Littering, throwing, dumping of waste in public places
  • Section 15 (b)- Open burning
  • Section 15 (c)- Urinating, defecating and spitting in public places
  • Section 15 (d)- No solid waste or garbage may be collected unless properly segregated according to type of waste.
  • Section 15 (e)- Causing or permitting the collection of noon-segregated waste.
  • Section 15 (f)- Squatting in open dumps
  • Section 15 (g)- Open dumping
  • Section 15 (h)- Mixing of source-separated material with other solid waste in any vehicle, box, container or receptacle used  in solid waste collection or disposal.
  • Section 15 (j)- Transport and dumping in bulk of collected domestic, industrial, commercial and institutional wastes in areas other than the designated center of facilities.
  • Section 15 (n)- No solid waste collector and or hauler accredited by the city may operated outside the jurisdiction of the city.
  • Section 15 (o)- No solid waste collector and or hauler shall operated without an existing MRF with a definite Sanitary Landfill for the disposal of residual wastes collected
  • Section 15 (q)- No medical institutions, business establishment, or any other industry that produces hazardous waste shall operate without a private hazardous waste collector
  • Penalty:  Establishment- P3,000                                                      Individual- P500

    City Ordinance No. 343, series of 2014 ( WATER QUALITY & SEPTAGE MANAGEMENT)

  • Section 14 (a)- Discharging, depositing or causing to be deposited material of any kind directly or indirectly into the water bodies or along the margins of any surface water.
  • Section 14  (b)- Discharging, injecting or allowing seeping into the ground soil any substances in any form that would pollute groundwater.
  • Section 14 (c)- Operating facilities that discharge regulated water pollutants without the valid required permit.
  • Section 14 (e)- Unauthorized transport or dumping into bodies of water of sewage sludge or solid waste defines under RA9003.
  • Section 14 (k)- No person or business shall discharge, wholly or partially, untreated or inadequately treated industrial effluents directly into bodies of water through the use of bypass canals and/or pumps and other unauthorized means.
  • Section 14 (q)- Dumping of wastes sediments form quarrying operations, as well as farm water carrying pesticide residues and/or pollutants such as swine or livestock effluents directly to water body.
  • Penalty:  P1,000

    City Ordinance No. 364, series of 2015 (PLASTIC ORDINANCE)

  • Section 13 (a)- No business establishment shall utilize non-biodegradable plastic bags as packaging materials.
  • Section 13 (b)- No business establishment shall use non-biodegradable materials as containers for food and other products.
  • Section 13 (c)- No business establishment shall be allowed to offer or sell (retail or wholesale) non-biodegradable packaging materials.
  • Section 13 (d)- Vendors, agents or deliverymen engaged in the sale of non-biodegradable packaging materials and food containers shall not be allowed to sell or distribute the same, or unload, or make any delivery thereof in any establishment in the City of Angeles subject to the provision of Section 7.
  • Section 13 (e)- Ambulant vendors within the city are prohibited  to use non-biodegradable plastic bags in selling their products.
  • Section 13 (f)- factories and establishments engaged in the manufacture of non-biodegradable packaging material and disposable food containers are prohibited in the City of Angeles. Storage of the same is likewise prohibited.
  • Section 13 (g)- No establishment shall be allowed to use non-biodegradable packaging materials and disposable food containers in the city of Angeles.
  • Section 13 (h)- The presence of fraud in violating any provisions of this ordinance will warrant the imposition of the maximum penalty under Section 14 hereof
  • Penalty: P1,500

    City Ordinance No. 365, series of 2015 (SOLID WASTE SEGREGATION)

  • Section 3 (a)- Institutional, industrial and commercial establishments and household shall also be responsible for putting out their garbage or waste in their property marked receptacles or containers in compliance with the following schedule:
  • Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays for DRY or NON-BIODEGRADABLE garbage or waste.

    Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for WET or BIODEGRADABLE garbage or waste.


  • - Issue a citation ticket by the garbage collector or any representative of CENRO or deputized representative of the barangay council which has political jurisdiction and a fine of Php 500.00 within one week time.
  • - Issue a citation ticket by the garbage collector or any representative of CENRO or deputized representative of the barangay council which has political jurisdiction and a fine of Php 3,000.00 within one week time.
  • 3rd Offense- Issue a citation ticket by the garbage collector or any representative of CENRO or deputized representative of the barangay council which has political jurisdiction and a fine of Php 5,000.00 within one week time and/or six (6)months imprisonment at the discretion of the Court.

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