General Services Office

Menandro G. Dizon

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General Services Office, Ground Floor, City Hall Building, Brgy, Pulung Maragul, Angeles City

Office and Responsibility (Functions)
The Angeles  City General Services Office was created in 1993,  mandated    under the 
welfare of the inhabitants which the mayor is empowered to implement;


  1. Exercise such other powers and perform other duties and functions as may be prescribed by other  law or ordinance, particularly RA 9184  and various  COA Rules and Regulations .
  2. In charge of the acquisition of all supplies/materials/ property and services  forAngeles City.
  3.   Record all city government’s  purchase requests  for the BAC (Bids and Awards committee) recommendation of modes of procurement, prepare  all supporting documents.
  4. Exercise  the necessary requirements  to  facilitate acquisition  of the  items as per   request.    
  5. Record deliveries of supplies or property including disposition to end-users.
  6. Establish a monitoring system of prices and disseminate information  thereof including    specifications  of supplies, materials or equipment  available in the market and  commonly used by the local government unit;
  7. Take custody of and be accountable for all properties owned by the local government unit and those granted to it in the form of donation, reparation, assistance and counterpart of joint projects;  
  8. Oversees the  proper usage of  equipment owned by the city government which are being used for  various city government  activities. 
  9.    assign building or properties<span arial,="\" \\"\\\\"\\\\"\\"\""="" sans-serif;="\" font-size:="\" 10pt;\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"="\"> to local officials or other employees, who by law, are entitled to.
  10. Maintain a central record system of  properties/equipment owned by or donated toAngeles City.
  11. In coordination  with the City Engineer’s Office,   maintains  all phases of minor maintenance of the City Hall building  and provision  of emergency repairs of facilities/properties   such as  comfort rooms  or   office equipment.     Also oversees   janitorial,  and related services for beautification of the  building, including  all other  properties of the local government unit;
  12. The General Services Office also serves  as  a support office   to  the Angeles City  BPLD on BOSS,  thus    ensures compliance to  the  standards and timeliness set forth in the Manual of  Policies and Procedures of the ISO (International Organization for Standardization).  
  13. The Office also    serves as the  main organic office of the Angeles City Bids and Awards Committee. 
Available Services
  • Initial evaluation of purchase requests as to price and specifications.
  • Conducts the actual procurement process as per the recommended modes  of procurement by the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC)  and prepares the necessary  supporting documents
  • Process the applications of government suppliers  for accreditation by the BAC 
  • Takes custody of deliveries (supplies, properties and equipment) and maintains the central record of all government properties, including real properties and government vehicles
  • Process registrations and  insurances  of motor vehicles and government buildings
  • Assigns and distributes supplies, equipment, office spaces and motor vehicles to officials,  employees and other end-users. 
  • Safekeeps  condemned and unserviceable equipment and motor vehicles for disposal through  public auction. 
  • Provides simple repairs of motor vehicles and office equipment 
  • Provides for   taxpayer\\\'s lounges, city hall lobby and comfort rooms  (plumbing services)
  • Provides sound system, projector and chairs for official events of the city administration.    
  • Application for Clearance from Property Accountability by resigning/retiring government officials and employees.
Contact Persons

Jovita D. Payad, Supervising Admin. Officer   (Administrative Division)

Maritess M. Laurente, Supervising Admin. Officer (Property/Inventory Division)
Blesilda P. Makabali, Admin. Officer V  (Procurement/ BAC representative) 


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