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Mrs. Mila T. Narsing

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09234735211; 0453220534
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Angeles City Library and Information Center

Sto. Entierro Street, Sto. Rosario, Angeles City, 2009, Philippines

Office and Responsibility (Functions)


     The Angeles City Library and Information Center, as a service-oriented institution, is committed to provide a consistent total quality service in addressing the information, research, cultural and recreational needs of the whole Angeles City community.



A center of excellence in public library service in Southeast Asia in 2020.



To provide a world-class library service to all Angeleños, while advancing the importance of reading, information literacy, and lifelong learning.



      Specifically, the Library and Information Center seeks to:

S elect, acquire, evalutate quality library resources in varied format to meet the community's educational, research, information, cultural and recreational needs;

E nhance the services offered by the Children's Library and the Information Technology Center aside from the general library services, to attract more students, professionals, and other service client groups to visit both sections and  the main library, thus increasing its value in the city;

R ecognize the importance of the libraries, love for books and reading among library service client groups by organizing series of events;

V alue the human resources of the library by enhancing their competencies and skills in doing their tasks and assignments through their participation and attendance to various seminars, workshops, trainings and fora among others organized by the City Government and other organizations;

E nhance further, the services of the library, specifically in the arrangements and retrieval of books and needed renovation of the library facilities, and to provide for an effecient on-line access through (OPAC) to the different information resources



     In order to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for reading and other library activities, the Angeles City Library & Information Center requires all visitors to comply with the following General Rules and Regulations:


  1. Present valid ID in entering the City Library;
  2. Surrender bags and valuable things at the baggage counter, and for inspection upon leaving the premises;
  3. Children below seven (7) years old must be accompanied by a guardian/parent;
  4. Secure approval from the City Library Head of Office for group visit/tour;
  5. PWD may ask assistance from library staff for reasonable accommodations.


  1. Harassing behaviour or using abusive language or gesture/s;
  2. Making unreasonable noise, including loud talking on a cellphone;
  3. Engaging in sexual conduct or lewd behavior;
  4. Bringing of deadly weapon;
  5. Smoking, including electronic cigarettes;
  6. Using alcohol or illegal drug;
  7. Sleeping in the Library's entrance;
  8. Making unreasonable use of the restroom;
  9. Soliciting, petitioning or canvassing;
  10. Bringing food inside the library;
  11. Selling any goods or services without approval;
  12. Bringing in an animal inside the library;
  13. Wearing of mini-shorts jeans and sleeveless shirts (like spaghetti strap and the like);
  14. Damaging or misusing any library materials (hardware or software);
  15. Recording or photographing any library materials without prior permission;
  16. Engaging in any activity in violation of the government laws and library policies.

         Visitor who does not follow the Library's General Rules and Regulations and Government Laws maybe ask to leave and maybe lose his/her library priviledges, and/or may also be subjected to legal action.

Available Services



1.General Circulation Section- contains texbooks of all subject fields from generalities, philosophy, religion, social sciences, languages, applied science, pure science, fine arts, literature and history.

2.Reference Section- contains extensive general reference like Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, General Dictionary, Translation Dictionary, Specialized Dictionary, Encyclopedic Distionary, Atlases,Almanac and many other books. The following collections are also found in this section:

  • Bibliograhies Collections- a list with descriptive or critical notes of writings relating to a particular subject, period, or author; detailed decription or account of somone's life.
  • Culinary Collections- these 418 collections at present were all donated from the Reynaldo Alejandrino Library Collection, which was housed previously at the Museo Ning Angeles and transferred at our Angeles City Library for easy access to the Angeleños or the reading public. 

3. Law Section - this houses law books, Supreme Court Rulings Annotated (SCRA) and other legal printed materials.

4. Culture and Arts Section - This section is the center for arts and cultural recreation among writers, poets, artists, and the cultural advocates in the city. It is established to preserve, develop and promote arts and culture of Angeleños and the Philippine in general. Its programs include cultural research, outreach, preservation, and publication of materials on Angeles art and culture. It also assists in the production of performances, festivals, exhibitiions in the city. This section also consists of the following collections:

  • Filipiniana Collections- contains books and other materials on various subjects or topics about the Philippines or any topic to the Philippines regrdless of author imprints or format.
  • Kapampangan Collections- This section houses a number of books on Kapampangan studies specifically dealing with history, music and arts, culture and language.
  • Rizaliana Collections - contains a collection of materials pertaining to Dr. Jose Rizal, the country's national symbol of heroism. The available materials include selected Rizal's works, books, periodicals, and collectibles memorabilia about Jose Rizal. One of its prime collections is the copy of the film JOSE RIZAL (VHS), which features the life and struggles of Rizal. This most spectacular and controversial epic Philippine movie released in June 1998 in Manila, starred Ceasar Montano as Jose Rizal, written by Ricky Lee, Jun Lana and Peter Ong Lim, and directed by Marilou Diaz Abaya.

4. Periodical Section - contains local and foreign journals, magazines, newspapers and clippings.

5. Fiction Section - houses variety of well selected stories and novels written by famous authors that are available for recreational reading. Fiction books can be loaned by qualified readers for the period of 5 days.

6. Children's Library - provides services such as storytelling, reading, and art workshop for children specially in the Day Care Center and elementary public pupils to create library awareness at an early age.



     This service has introduced by the Department of Science and Technology- Information and Communication Office to the City Library to build partnership with us to establish Tech4Ed Center that serves as knowledge hub.

     Tech4Ed has 6 modules:

  1. e-Eduskills- alternative learning system, skils and language training;
  2. e-Assist - ICT literacy, financial literacy, and enterpreneurial literacy training; and
  3. e-Govserve -  direct government services in rural communities.
  4. e-Agri- enhancement of farm technologies for product diversity.
  5. e-Marketplace - expansion of markets
  6. e-Assess - facilitation of hiring process of the Business Process Management



      Internet the Bayan Service Program offers the public with free IT access and use of internet for one (1) hour for information and educational research purposes only. It will also provide free demonstration on the use of the internet to the out-of-school youth and senior citizens of Angeles City as part of its Computer Literacy Program.


IV.   EDUCTAINMENT PROGRAM ( Library Guided-Tour)

       To continuously provide the graders/students/visitors with an interesting library guided-tour for them to familiarize the different library services and facilities of the City Library, that could help in their educational and research needs, and to be availed free of charge. Interested group must ask an approval and schedule from the Head of Office for their future guided-tour in the library.


         This is the modern version of the library catalog designed to easily identify, locate and retrieve library reading materials which are cataloged and shelved according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System.

         The researcher can easily access the system by logging in on the computer designated for OPAC stationed at the entrance of the Main Library. Without asking further the Library Personnel, the researcher can easily locate and retrieve the books/reading materials he/she desires to read.


            It houses audiovisual materials such as video recordings, sound recordings, charts, maps, etc., and equipments like overhead projector, screen, video player and TV monitor for media services in the viewing room, located on the 3rd floor.


            He was a distinguished lawyer, journalist and an author of several books. He donated the land to be used as a library of the City. A collection of his works, reading materials and accomplishments are displayed on the said memorabilia.


         He constructed the library building during his administration on the donated land. In this memorabilia, you can see all his works and momentous souvenirs at the second floor of the library.


           An acquisition section that handles the selection and acquisition of books, periodicals and other library resources either by purchase or donation. This is the cataloging section that takes care of the bibliographic description, classification and mechanical processing of materials.




Contact Persons

MILA T. NARSING, R.L               Officer In-Charge/Librarian III               - 09234735211                                 

AGNES L. GOMEZ                      Senior Supervising Officer                        - 09189353935

LADY REMEDY A. ALOJADO     Support-Staff, Admin Section                    - 09088676585 

ANNABELLE G. GOMEZ             Head, General Circulation Section            - 09399317912

LEINA D. CECILIO                       Head, Reference Section                          - 09985509110

MINNETTE F. LAGMAN              Head, Periodical/Fiction Section                - 09565270289

HAZEL GUILLERA                       Head, Culture & Arts Section                    - 09277245076

ARIEL GARCIA                            Head, Children's Library                            - 09204856608

ERIC DUNGCA                            Head, Internet Ng Bayan                           - 09985358410

RECTO PANGILINAN                  Expediter                                                   - 09258160061

PAQUITA TIAMSON                    Expediter                                                    - 09985504058






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