Gender And Development Office

Purita P. David

Mobile Number
0916-495-0304/ 0919-397-7547
Office Number
(045) 893-2213 & 332-8154 Local 260
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Office Address

Level 2, City Hall Compound, Pulung Maragul, Angeles City

GAD Building, City Hall Compound, Pulung Maragul, Angeles City
Office and Responsibility (Functions)
The Gender and Development Office was established to ensure that the city government pursues gender quality in all aspects of the development process to achieve the national vision of a gender-responsive society where women and men equally contribute to and benefit from the development.
GAD is mandated to implement the provisions of GAD ordinance of the city to address the underlying issues and concerns in gender and development and the mechanisms through which women's right and issues. Some of the key issues that need to be addressed are violence against women, support mechanisms to empower women, political and public sphere participation, labor and employment, health and education rights, socio-economic rights and others.
GAD concerns are recognized as the following:
* GENDER MAINSTREAMING- the integration of gender concerns in the development agenda in order to address gender inequalities.
* ADVOCACY AND TRAINING- these are activities that develop awareness and support for GAD, equip development workers with skills required for gender mainstreaming and sustain interest and concern for gender issues and gender-focused undertakings.
* PROGRAM PLANNING- these are activities providing planners with skills, guidelines and instruments to ensure that gender-responsive programs and projects are drafted and implemented.
* WOMEN SPECIFIC (PAP)- these are the activities intended to directly benefit women including those that improve their access to basic services as follows:
o Women's health and safe motherhood programs and projects;
o Skills Training for women;
o Crisis Center for women;
o Training women in non-traditional trades
o Provision of technical and financial resources for women;
o Mobilization and organization of women;
o Counseling and therapy for women.
* Barangay Outreach Program
o Barangay Day (twice a week)
o Medical and Dental Consultation
o Pet Vaccination
o Random Blood Sugar Testing and Blood Typing
o Blood Pressure Check Up
o Free Haircut, Facial and Makeover
o Vegetable Seed Distribution and Tree Planting
o Community Tax Issuance
o Local Civil Registrar Assistance Desk
o Anti-VAWC, Senior Citizens, PWD's Assistance Desk
o ACADAC Orientation and Information Desk
o AIDS Council Information Desk
o ACCDRC Assistance Desk
o CSWDO Assistance Desk
o Operation Tuli
o Brigada Eskuwela for primary schools
* Early Child Care and Health Program
o Seminar on RA 7610 or Special Protection of Children against Child Abuse, Exploitation, and Discrimination Act
o Nutrition Education and Supplemental Feeding in all city barangays
* Indigenous People's Affair Program
o 20-Day Supplemental Feeding to the indigent families
o Special Medical and Dental Mission with Free PAP Smear
o Gift Giving Program
* Maternal Health Care Programs
o Birthing Station
Available Services

* Gender and Development Program

o Women's Month Celebration
o Gender Sensitivity Training
o Gender and Development Orientation
o Barangay Hop
o Cervical and Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar
o Breast Feeding Seminar
o Free Pap Smear
o Tubal Ligation
o Osteoporosis Screening
o Women Sports and Recreation
o Cosmetology and Livelihood Trainings
o Microfinance in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Angeles
o Establishment of VAWC Desks and GAD Council in all the barangays of Angeles City
o Education Campaign and Information Dissemination on Gender and Development and Women's Human Rights
o Provision of Direct Services and partnership with women civil society organizations and private corporations.
* Anti- Violence Against Women and Children Program and Paralegal Office
o Seminars and trainings on RA 9262 or Anti-Violence Against Women and Children, RA 9208 or Anti-Trafficking of Persons Act, and RA 9710 or Magna Carta of Women
o Medical and Financial Assistance
o Legal Assistance on Anti-VAWC and Anti-Trafficking cases
Contact Persons
* Office of the Vice Mayor Vicky-Vega Cabigting- Women Heal
* Office of the City Councilor Maricel Morales- Special Program for Women Development


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