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Las Flores De Los Angeles

May 26, 2017
Location : Plaza Angel

In line with the celebration of the National Heritage Month, Angeles City Tourism Office (ACTO) once again held Las Flores De Los Angeles last May 26, 2017 at Plaza Angel, Sto. Rosario, Angeles City.

Fifteen beautiful Angeleñas paraded along the Heritage District wearing their proud Filipiñiana costumes. They later on proceeded to offer flower garlands to the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary after impressing the judges with their beauty and grace.

Eighteen year old Michelle Kaye P. Macalacad from Sapalibutad was crowned as the New Reyna Ning Las Flores 2017 while Angelica I. Limbac of Sta. Teresita won Best in Garland Arrangement and Flores Ning San Jose Patricia Ann L. Biacora won Best in Filipiniana Costume and Best Filipiniana Costume.

The said event was a cultural celebration of flower offerings to the Blessed Virgin Mary as a form of thanksgiving.  Furthermore, this event was aimed to increase the awareness and the protection of the traditional cultural activities. It is also aimed to preserve and develop cultural spaces for creative and artististic expressions, and select an Angeleña representative who embodies ideals of the city, serving as an ambassadress of goodwill.

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