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March 25, 2013
Location : MarQuee Mall Park, Angeles City


How does the art of dance breathe new meaning into our religious faith and Lenten traditions? On March 25, 2013, Angeles City witnessed what could be the next major Holy Week attraction in the region with Peter de Vera’s Panata at Panalangin, a dramatic presentation offering glimpses of the various practices of the Kapampangan faith and sacrifices through a fusion of visual arts, music, drama and dance. Held at MarQuee Mall Park before sunset of Holy Monday, the event drew over two hundred guests from various schools around the city and the public. Tourism stakeholders and government officials participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony and exhibit opening. The exhibit galleries’ 15 stations displayed elements that were used by real penitents, all culled from De Vera’s three years of research.

The exhibit offered prayers for social issues besetting the community today, such as danup (prayer for the hungry), balota (prayer for the city and the voice of the people), limus (prayer for the orphaned and unloved), bisyu (prayer for drug-dependents and those addicted to vices), RH Bill (prayer for life), bayani (prayer for the OFW’s and those who make great sacrifices for their families), kanser (prayer for the sick), libru (prayer for the poor who cannot afford education), kulubut (prayer for the abandoned elderly), basura (prayer for Mother Earth), kwalta (prayer for the greedy and those who worship money), albug (prayer for victims of natural calamities caused by man’s neglect),  acacia (prayer for uprooted trees), gabun (prayer for the farmers who toil n the fields but do not enjoy the fruits of their harvest) and katlung aldo (the viewer’s personal prayer).

The young, talented artists of the award-winning Sinukwan Kapampangan Performing Arts offered their own Holy Week sacrifice by executing a passionate, 40-minute dance performance in the scorching summer heat incorporating the distinctive highlights and iconic symbols of Lent – Pasyon (chant), Pangadi (prayer), Palaspas (Easter), flagellants, crowning of thorns, Good Friday, Black Saturday or Sabado de Gloria and the resurrection. The breathtaking, live presentation enabled spectators to gain new appreciation for local Lenten traditions and left the audience inspired and looking forward to Peter de Vera’s moving masterpiece as an annual event. – ACTO


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