Angeles City Barangays

Barangay Sapangbato

Historical Background

One of the most remote barangays of Angeles City with reference from its distance to the city proper. It is bounded on the north by Clark Field, Pampanga, in the south by Barangay Manwali of Porac, in the east by Barangay Margot and in the west by Sitio Camachiles and Sitio Agwit.

The first inhabitants of the place are the Aetas who lives as hunters in the area. They were the one who named the place as “Sapangbato”. In 1902 it is said that the 7th Cavalry of the American needs a safe place for their horses, they chose the place and named it as Fort Stotsenberg which later became the Clark Air Base and now the Clark Special Economic Zone. 1991 was among the tragic time in the history of the Barangay, it was the eruption of the once dormant Mt. Pinatubo. Tons and tons of lahars cascading in the slope of Mt. Pinatubo threatens and claims the lives of many people and destroyed most of the Barangay.

At the present, Barangay Sapangbato is a very peaceful and one of the fastest developing Barangay of the City this is because of the officials who prioritize the basic services if the constituents.

Demographic Profile

  • Total Population — 11,262
  • Households — 2,253
  • Schools (Public / Private) :
    • Nursery School :
      • Barangay Nursery
      • Sitio Babo Bliss
    • Kinder / Preparatory School :
      • Barangay Preparatory
      • Sapangbato Preparatory
    • Elementary School :
      • Sapangbato Elementary School
      • Sitio Target Elementary School
    • High School :
      • Sapangbato National High School
  • Health Service Centers :
    • Hospital :
      • Ospital Ning Angeles
    • Barangay Health Center :
      • Barangay Health Center
    • Rural Health Unit :
      • Birthing Clinic


  • Total Land Area — 104,294.45 sq. km.

Contact Information

  • Address Rizal St., Sapangbato, Angeles City
  • Mobile 0949-1329313 (PB)

Barangay Council

  • Punong Barangay Hon. Mario M. Manialung
  • Brgy. Councilor Hon. Edwin R. Flores
  • Brgy. Councilor Hon. Fernando O. Maniti
  • Brgy. Councilor Hon. Oscar D.P. Manalang
  • Brgy. Councilor Hon. Joel M. Manalo
  • Brgy. Councilor Hon. Ricardo P. Lansangan
  • Brgy. Councilor Hon. Ernesto N. Gagui
  • Brgy. Councilor Hon. Ronaldo S. David
  • Secretary Mr. Raul B. Mabaga
  • Treasurer Ms. Luisa S. Medina
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