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Barangay Salapungan

Historical Background

Barangay Salapungan is one of the thirty three (33) Barangays in the City of Angeles. The name Salapungan came from Pmpango word “Salapung” which mean “Crossroads”. It is characterized by narrow streets that have numerous entry and exit points. It used to be a “Sitio” of Barangay Lourdes until 1955 when it became an independent barrio through the efforts of the barrio council and the people. After several decades, it is now fast becoming the center Business, Education, Banking among others, where everyone is being provided great opportunity for self development.

Salapungan is a bid subdivision owned by the Dayrit clan formerly a part of barrio Lourdes which eventually became a separate barrio in 1955. The etymology of its name cannot be determines actually. But according to the elders, the name were constructed, “Salang-Salang” as well.

Demographic Profile

  • Total Population — 6,871
  • Households — 1,414
  • Schools (Public / Private) :
    • Nursery School :
      • Salapungan Day Care Center
    • Kinder/Preparatory School :
      • Salapungan Preparatory School
    • Elementary School :
      • Salapungan Elementary School
    • High School School :
      • Nazarene Academy
    • College :
      • AUF Professional School


  • Total Land Area — 161.4 hectares

Contact Information

  • Address Diego Silang St., Salapungan, Angeles City
  • Mobile 0922-4543025 (PB)

Barangay Council

  • Punong Barangay Hon. Reynaldo B. Malig
  • Brgy. Councilor Hon. Danilo A. David
  • Brgy. Councilor Hon. Renato C. Coronel
  • Brgy. Councilor Hon. Jose Antonio N. Bangit III
  • Brgy. Councilor Hon. Joselito P. Agtarap
  • Brgy. Councilor Hon. Reynaldo M. Mallari
  • Brgy. Councilor Hon. Noli D. Bonus
  • Secretary Teresita D. Larcina
  • Treasurer Edgar M. Crisostomo
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