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Barangay Pulungbulu

Historical Background

Barangay Pulungbulu was originally one of the barrios or barangay of San Fernando , Pampanga like Barrio Kuliat (Angeles) . On Dec 8 , 1829 , when Barrio Kuliat became a town called Angeles , the original barrio did not include Pulungbulu because it was then under the territorial jurisdiction of San Fernando , Pampanga . When the Province of Pampanga was subdivided into different towns , Barangay Pulungbulu was also affected and was divided into two barrio , namely Pulungbulu , San Fernando and Pulungbulu , Angeles .

During that era , Pulungbulu San Fernando was the trading center of all activities and it was called the “Centro”. Majority of the people resided there.

When the unit of Habeas Corpus was suspended during the administration of President Elpidio Quirino (1948-1953), the residents of Pulungbulu , San Fernando moved to the northern part of the barrio , now called Pulungbulu , Angeles City (by virtue of Republic Act 3700 enacted on January 1 . 1964) where they lived permanently up to the present.

Accordingly , Barrio Pulungbulu derived its name from the plant “Buho”(a kind of bamboo) abundantly growing in the area . This Buho (“Bulu” in the pampango dialect) in a kind of Bamboo used for making “sawali” a principal , material for making a native shelter , most of the houses then were made of the material (sawali).

Demographic Profile

  • Total Population — 14,430
  • Households — 2,308
  • Schools (Public / Private) :
    • Kinder/Preparatory School :
      • OB Montesori School
      • Achievers
    • Elementary School :
      • Angeles Elementary School
      • Pulungbulu Elementary School


  • Total Land Area — 25.88 hectares

Contact Information

  • Address M. Cano St., Pulungbulu, Angeles City
  • Mobile 0995-1858455 (PB)

Barangay Council

  • Punong Barangay Hon. Bernardo D. Santos
  • Brgy. Councilor Hon. Primitiva D. Calara
  • Brgy. Councilor Hon. Breann Nouel S. Buan
  • Brgy. Councilor Hon. Ernesto S. Bansil
  • Brgy. Councilor Hon. Edwin M. Soriano
  • Brgy. Councilor Hon. Samuel M. Sicat
  • Brgy. Councilor Hon. Ronel P. Tulio
  • Brgy. Councilor Hon. Alexander G. Cacap
  • Secretary Jelly D. Mendoza
  • Treasurer Remedios T. Tinio
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