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Barangay Amsic

Historical Background

BARANGAY Amsic is a new resurrected Barangay of Angeles City. A Resolution numbered 94- s-79. The Sangguniang Panlunsod requesting the reinstitution of their Barangay but due to failure to meet legal requirement, it was not acted upon formally. Again in 1989, they reinstated their petition with the assistance of Hon. Estelito Mendoza and were finally acted by Minister Jose P. Rono on January 26, 1989. Barangay Amsic was recognized and confirmed on the new added Barangay of Angeles City.

That in 1942, Amsic was burned down by the Japanese soldiers, who retaliated upon the death of some of their comrades in the hands of one named Eustaquio Lumanlan, and because of this, all the people had to vacate the place.

Again, after the liberation during the Anti-dissident operation in 1949, the people who had returned to the place were given 48 hours to evacuate from her barrio. In 1972, those who returned started rebuilding their ancestral barrio/homes and through the effort of Gonzalo Garcia, petitioned the government to revive their status as independence Barangay.

Resolution no. 94-B-79 was passed by the Sangguniang Panlunsod, requesting the reinstitution of Barangay Amsic which was unfortunately not favorably acted upon due to failure to meet legal requirements. Again, in 1982, the petition was reiterated with the assistant of Hon. Estelito Mendoza and finally acted upon by Minister Jose A. Rono on January 20, 1983 by appointing the Barangay Officials of the said Barangay.

Amsic is about 161,132 hectares with a population of 13,777 as of 2012, it is bounded on the North by Clark Air Base, on the South by Barangay Pampang, on the west of Brgy. Anunas and on the East of Brgy. Malabanias.

Barangay Amsic is somewhat a newly resurrected Barangay of Angeles City, in the sense that it was believed to have been one of the early barrio of Kuliat as per Officialrecords of the city, and has been several times the subject of mass evacuation, taking into account the above mentioned events.

Demographic Profile

  • Total Population — 13,777
  • Households — 2,971
  • Schools (Public / Private) :
    • Nursery School :
      • Amsic Day Care (2)
    • Kinder / Preparatory School :
      • Amsic Elementary School
      • Humphrey Foundation
    • Elementary School :
      • Amsic Elementary School
      • Humphrey Foundation
  • Health Service Centers :
    • Hospital :
      • Ospital Ning Angeles
    • Barangay Health Center :
      • Amsic Health Center


  • Total Land Area — 161.132 Hectares

Contact Information

  • Address Purok 1, Amsic, Angeles City
  • Mobile 0917-954-3357 (PB)

Barangay Council

  • Punong Barangay Gerom P. Costales
  • Brgy. Councilor Nancy G. Makaeran
  • Brgy. Councilor Edward C. Montes
  • Brgy. Councilor Ronnie D. Rogando
  • Brgy. Councilor Paulo B. Pamintuan
  • Brgy. Councilor Jorge C. Oria
  • Brgy. Councilor Francisco B. Olingay
  • Brgy. Councilor Alberto P. Manalang
  • Secretary William J. Castañeda
  • Treasurer Lourdes D. Gamboa
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